Bachelorette parties

Bachelorette parties

Original party for the bride and bridesmaids? Bachelorette party at Laboratorio!

Are you planning a surprise for the new bride? Do you want something special and really original? Or are you looking for a fun outing for the bridesmaids and other wedding guests? We have your solution in Laboratorio. During the summer, we offer a quality party that you will not forget. Come and enjoy a truly original bachelorette party at the Laboratorio Cooking School! We promise it will be an event that everyone will want to attend!

Why Laboratorio?

Laboratorio is located in the heart of Prague. What does that mean? After the party here, you can easily move from the cooking school to your favorite bar or club! 

Everything is prepared. You and your guests don’t have to worry about anything. We will keep your wine and cocktails filled, and provide everything from a photo booth to your safe departure.

We can tailor the menu to fit the tastes of everyone involved. You can choose from a wide variety of wines so no one will have to suffer from thirst during the party.

Bachelorette parties
Bachelorette parties

We can also arrange these other services:

  • Cooking competitions, blind tastings, degustations

  • Professional photographer and photo booth with props

  • Decorations per your request, and printed t-shirts and aprons

  • Make-up artist, flower arrangement workshop

  • Music (either your playlist or live music)

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