Ondřej Hutník - Asia

Indian cooking with Sofia

Basque Cuisine

Cooking with spirits

Lelís Cupcakes

Cooking with kids

Pizza Frakie

Truffles with Riccardo

Ice cream like from Crème de la Crème

Salads in the garden

Menu from the fire in the garden

Food photography with Marek Bartoš in the garden

Sushi in the garden

Rum on a plate

The best of Eska

Burgers like from Dish

The style of Grand Marnier

Traditional DIM SUM dumplings!

In Laboratorio we love Asian cuisine and cooking lesson with Láďa Dvořák from TamarindTree is always full of colors and flavours.

Pastry trends 2019

First lesson by Josef Maršálek and his topic was Pastry trends 2019

Men in the kitchen

Recipes from Riccardo’s Italian Cookbook

Riccardo published his second book in the end of 2019. And we created a special lesson focused only on recipes which are published in this cookbook.

Conversations not only about wine with Flemming

LA FINESTRA presents: Sea food

La Finestra in Cucina restaurant is not focused only on meat. Chef Tomáš Juřík showed you how to get on with sea food dishes and how to prepare them at home.

Divine desserts from LA BOTTEGA

The best from Marche with Riccardo

You can experience authentic Italian cuisine and atmosphere in the Laboratorio. Riccardo Lucque himself led this course and it was an impressive experience. He taught you the most delicious specialties from the Marche region of Italy.

LA FINESTRA presents: Meat

Photo gallery from cooking lesson LA FINESTRA presents: Meat

Mezze - small snacks

Snídaně jako z La Bottega di Finestra

Breakfast like from La Bottega di Finestra

Chef's hacks - Flavoring and umami

B&B - Burgers and bourbon in Aromi

Salsiccia with Čongrády and BeerGeek degustation

Ladies with cocktails in the kitchen

With an Italian in the kitchen

Cooking with truffles

Italian pasta with Riccado

Zdeněk Pohlreich on Italian wave

French classical recipes with Zdeněk Pohlreich

I love Piemonte

Cooking with kids for kids

Traditional Chinese Dim Sum dumplings

"Kluk v akci"

Beef is not only about sirloin

Zdeněk Pohlreich on Italian wave II.

Beef is not only about sirloin II.

On the way with Kamu: Thailand for second time

Authentic summer menu

All about vegetables

Summer BBQ

Discover the taste of central Vietnam with Kamu

Amazing burgers from Dish

Fishes and seafood

The best of La Finestra restaurant

Classical Italian recipes

Beef steak

Fishes and seafood II.

Main course by Radim Gerlich

Starter by Radim Gerlich

Dessert by Radim Gerlich

Recipe - Spaghettone "Benedetto Cavalieri" with tuna and tomato tartare

Pasta in spring variations

Lunch & Run

Open voucher

Experiences and new skills are something what pleases everyone one of us. Do you hesitate which lesson to buy for your family member or colleague? Choose open voucher called "Cooking Experience" with value of 3 800 Kč from our offer. Presentee can choose which lesson and in which value he or she will attand.