Rules for the competition



1.1. The subject of this document is a complete and clear regulation of the rules ("Rules") of the competition "Competition for two vouchers for any cooking course at the Laboratorio cooking school in the total value of 7,600 CZK " ("Competition"), the main organizer of which is Laboratorio - cooking school @skolavareni. These Rules are the only document that bindingly governs the rules of the Contest and may be amended only by means of written amendments to this document published at the same time as this document.

1.2. The organizer of the competition is Cooking Time s.r.o. ID number: 247 93 272, with registered office in Prague 3, Žižkov, Kubelíkova 1189/29, zip code 130 00, registered in the commercial register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, insert C 174723, (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer").

1.3. This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or affiliated with, the operator of the social network Instagram ("Instagram"). The operators of Instagram do not have any obligations or obligations towards the Contest participants in connection with the Contest. The Contest Participant understands that he is providing his information to the Organizer and not to Instagram.


2.1. The competition will take place from 11.12. 2022 until 13.12. 2022 in the territory of the Czech Republic ("Duration of the Competition" and "Place of the Competition").

2.2. These Rules regulate the conditions of the Competition in relation to contestants - consumers with a contact address in the territory of the Czech Republic.


3.1. Only natural persons over the age of 18 with a contact address in the Czech Republic who have an active personal account on Instagram and meet the other conditions specified in these Rules ("Competitors") can participate in the Competition.

3.2. The Contestant must be an Instagram user and have their personal Instagram account active for the entire duration of the Contest, at the same time this Contestant must comply with all the rules for using Instagram. In the event of the termination of the Contestant's Instagram account for any reason or termination of its activity (including its blocking), the Contestant may be excluded from the Contest by the Organizer.

3.3. Each Contestant may only participate in the Contest through a single Instagram account. In the event that the same Contestant participates in the Contest from multiple accounts, all of his entries from all accounts will be disqualified from the Contest.

3.4 Participation in the Competition through the Instagram account of another person as a Contestant is excluded.

3.5 All employees of the Organizer and persons close to them are also excluded from the Competition in the sense of § 22 paragraph 1 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended. In the event that such an excluded person becomes the winner, the prize will not be handed over to him and the Organizer, at his discretion, may give the prize according to the procedure in accordance with Article 4.11 of the Rules to another Contestant who has fulfilled all the conditions for participation in the Contest, or use it for other purposes, e.g. for charitable purposes .

3.6 Only those Contestants who meet all the stated conditions of the Contest will be included in the Contest and can become winners. The organizer reserves the right at any time, at its discretion, to assess the fulfillment of the specified conditions of the Competition by individual Contestants and to exclude Contestants who do not meet the conditions specified in these Rules from the Contest at its discretion.


4.1. Contestants participate in the Competition by, during the Competition, under the competition post on the profile of the organizer skolavareni, they "like" the post with the entry of the competition, follow the Instagram account of the cooking school Laboratorio @skolavareni and tag another person in the comment under the competition post, with whom they would take a cooking class.

4.2. The organizer has the exclusive right to assess the fulfillment of the specified conditions of the Competition by individual Contestants (see article 3.6 of the Rules). The Organizer is entitled to definitively exclude the Contestant in the event that it suspects that the Contestant achieved a result in the Contest by fraudulent conduct or other conduct that is contrary to good morals and is capable of influencing the results of the Contest. This decision to exclude a Contestant is final, without the possibility of appeal.

4. 3. The prize in the Competition is two vouchers for any cooking course at the Laboratorio cooking school with a total value of 7,600 CZK ("Win").

4. 4. In justified cases, the organizer has the right to replace the Prize with a similar performance.

4.5 Cooking Time s. r. o. will select two winners via an automatic generator, mobile application Rafi - Giveaway for Instagram, after the Contest Period has expired.

4.6 The winner will be notified via a private message sent from the Laboratorio Instagram account. – cooking school to the relevant Instagram account of the Winner (“Challenge”), within seven (7) business days from the end of the Contest Period. In the same way, a recording of the drawing of winners will be published via "stories" on Instagram according to Article 4.5.

4.7 Based on the Challenge, the Winner contacts the Organizer on the Laboratorio - cooking school Instagram account (@skolavareni), within five (5) days of sending the Challenge, and gives him the information necessary to send the Prize.

4.8 The winner, who does not provide the necessary cooperation according to Article 4.7 of the Rules or refuses it in advance, will lose the right to claim the Prize.

4.9 In the event that it turns out that the Winner is not entitled to claim the Prize according to these Rules for any reason, or if the Winner refuses the Prize, it is solely at the Organizer's discretion whether to choose another Contestant as the Winner who has fulfilled all the conditions for participation in the Contest, or whether to use the Prize for other purposes.


5.1. The Prize in the Competition will be sent to the Winner's address in the Czech Republic, which he will notify in accordance with Article 4.7, especially via electronic services.

5.2. If the Winner does not claim the Prize, the Organizer will proceed in the same way as in the case described in Article 4.9 of these Rules.


6.1. By participating in the Contest, the Contestant acknowledges that Cooking Time s. r. Ó. with its registered office at Kubelíkova 1189/29, 130 00 Prague 3, IČO 24793272, is, as the controller of personal data, entitled to process their personal data in the scope of names and surnames according to their personal Instagram account, or other data communicated to the Organizer, for the purposes of participation in the competition, and for the period necessary for the organization of the Competition and possible control by public authorities.

6.2. As a data subject, the Contestant has the rights listed below, which arise for him from legal regulations, and which he can exercise at any time. This is the right (i) to access personal data, (ii) to correct inaccurate or false personal data and supplement incomplete personal data, (iii) to delete personal data if the personal data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed, or if it is found that they have been processed unlawfully, (iv) to limit the processing of personal data, (v) to transferability and (vi) the right to raise an objection, after which the processing of the Contestant's personal data will be terminated, unless he proves it is that there are serious legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh the interests or rights and freedoms of the Contestant, especially if the reason is the possible enforcement of legal claims. At the same time, the competition has the possibility to address complaints to the supervisory authority, which in the Czech Republic is the Office for the Protection of Personal Data (

6.3. By participating in the Contest, the Contestant gives permission for the Organizer to distribute the name, surname, or first and last name according to the Contestant's personal Instagram account, and his contest entries (especially photos) used in the context of participation in the Contest, especially in connection with any Prize, and in the media, on the Internet or in promotional materials of the Organizer, for the duration of the Competition and further for a period of one (1) year from the end of the Competition Period.

6.4 However, Meta is the administrator of the personal data of all users and visitors of the Social Network processed in general during its operation and also during the operation of other Meta company products. For more information, see the relevant pages of the Social Network regarding the use of personal data: Please also note that when managing the organizer's profile on the Instagram social network, the organizer together with Meta may become joint administrators of your personal data, taking into account that the Instagram social network provides the organizer with so-called site overviews when operating its profile, which are aggregate data on how people interact with the organizer's profile on the social network (for example, this is information on the number of people or profiles that viewed, commented on or responded to the organizer's posts on his social network profile, aggregate anonymized demographic data - e.g. age , city, gender of such persons, etc.). However, the primary responsibility for processing the data from these reports rests with Meta.


7.1 These Rules will be available throughout the duration of the Competition in the bio of the Laboratorio – cooking school Instagram account (@skolavareni). collapsing

7.2 The organizer can also be contacted in connection with the Competition at the e-mail address [].

7.3 By participating in the Competition, the Contestant expresses his agreement with these Rules and undertakes to fully comply with them. Rights and obligations arising in connection with the Competition, which are not regulated in these Rules, are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.

7.4 The organizer is not responsible for any technical problems during data transmission via the Internet or other electronic means, nor for the availability or functionality of the Instagram network or related websites.

7.5 The Organizer is not responsible for non-delivery, loss or damage to the Prizes during their transport to the Winners.

7.6 The Organizer reserves the right to change or modify the Competition Rules or to shorten, extend or completely cancel the Competition at any time without giving reasons and determining compensation, without any claims of the Contestants against the Organizer of the Competition. The Organizer will make changes only for extraordinary reasons, especially in response to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Organizer, including technical or legal reasons, and on the condition that the Organizer will always strive to minimize the impact on the Contestants.

7.7 It is not possible to pay monetary compensation instead of the Prize and the Contestant is not entitled to demand the exchange of the Prize. The Organizer is also not responsible for any damage that the Contestant may suffer in connection with their participation in the Contest or the use of the Prize.

7.8 The Contestant cannot transfer the right to claim the Prize from the Contest to another Contestant or a third party.

7.9 The results of the Competition are final, without the possibility of appeal. In case of doubt about compliance with the Rules, the obligation to prove decisive facts rests with the Contestant.

7.10 The authority authorized to resolve consumer disputes arising out of court in connection with the participation of the Contestant, who is a natural person - consumer, in this Contest is the Czech Trade Inspection, on whose website ( the Contestant can find, among other things, information about the method and conditions out-of-court dispute resolution, when this procedure can only be initiated on the basis of the Contestant's proposal and only after he fails to resolve the dispute directly with the Organizer. The proposal form for initiation of proceedings on the out-of-court settlement of a consumer dispute is available on the website of the Czech Trade Inspection.

7.11 The competitor who is a natural person - consumer also has the right to initiate an out-of-court dispute resolution online through the ODR platform available on the website .show&lng=CS. The out-of-court dispute settlement procedure is not mediation according to the Act. No. 202/2012 Coll., on mediation, nor by arbitration pursuant to Act. No. 216/1994 Coll., on arbitration proceedings and enforcement of arbitration awards, as amended, and its use does not affect the right of the Competitor to address its claim to the Czech Trade Inspection or to another entity.

These rules are valid and effective from 5. 12. 2022.